Medical Physics Graduate School Requirements OUHSC <>

1.  Get a BS degree in physics, medical physics, chemistry, engineering, or biology.

2.  Take the following coursework (and have overall B-average in the work) that is
       required for acceptance into the OUHSC program.  

Math thru differential equations:

 College Algebra
 Calculus I, II, & III
 Differential Equations
 (statistics would be helpful)

Physics thru Modern:
 Physics I
 Physics II
 Modern Physics
 (Intro to Medical Physics, Calculus Physics, Optics, Heat & Thermodynamics, Jr Lab, &
     Intro to Nuclear should also be helpful)

 Chemistry I
 Chemistry II
 (organic and biochemistry would be helpful)


Health Information Management:
 Medical Terminology would be helpful
Note:  Many of the courses are not required for admittance to the program but since you would see the courses in graduate school they would be helpful to you if you had taken them in undergraduate school.