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Campus Map (interactive)-Physics is 2nd floor Physical Environmental Science Bldg

Miscellaneous Physics Links
Optics Links
Nature PDF Article:  X-Rays from Scotch Tape!
Very Informative CERN Accelerator Rap-I give it 5 stars!
Info we need to write letter of recommendation for you
Nature PDF Article:  X-Rays from Scotch Tape!

Physics Dept. Remains in Contact with their Alumni
Physics Alumni Page-learn what a physicist does for a living!
Graphs of Where all of our Graduates Went/What they did- quite varied paths!

Why ECU?  Read below what our grads, AIP, and other stakeholders think of us!
ECU Physics Department Scores High in Report by AIP
ECU Physics Alumni Survey -Assessment Results (all grads included)
Assessment Results 1998-2007 ECU Physics Alumni Survey
Physics Graduates Employer Survey Results
Physics Graduates Grad School Advisor Survey Results
How our Graduates Rated ECU Physics Preparation (2010 Survey)
How our Graduates Employers Rated ECU Physics Preparation (2010 Survey)
How our Graduates' Advisors in Grad school rated ECU Physics Preparation (2010 Survey)

Job/Career Info
AfterCollege Job Resource for ECU
SPS Job Site
AIP Job Site
What can you do with a physics degree?
Who hires Physics BS majors (listed by state)?
Chart of where ECU Physics Majors (most recent (June 03-May 08) Go After Graduation (pdf)
Where ECU Physics Majors Went After Graduation (Grads from June1998-May 2003)
Historical Chart of where ECU Physics Majors Go After Graduation ('82-May '08) (pdf)

Medical Physics Info
ECU Medical Physics B.S. Option (PDF)
What's Medical Physics?  Read published interview with Medical physicsts (SPS Observer)
Medical Physics CAMPEP Accredited Colleges
OKC Proton Cancer Therapy
OK Proton Cancer Tx Facility
Oklahoma Procure cyclotron -NEWS!
Michigan Procure facility
Proton Therapy

     Physics Department Degrees & Programs ...Advising Help!
  • Official Physics Degree Checksheet (pdf)
  • PDF Physics Major 4 yr. Degree Plan
  • Official Medical Physics Degree Checksheet (pdf)
  • PDF Medical Physics 4 yr. Degree Plan
  • Official Physics Teacher Certification Degree Checksheet (pdf)
  • PDF Physics Teacher Certification 4 yr. Degree Plan
  • Physics Teacher Education at ECU
  • General Education Requirements
  • Physics Dept.:  Semesters & Years  Courses Will be Offered
  • ECU Course Availablility Page (actual class enrollment/time/teacher)
  • Dr Walker's Advisor Program (Great to do Schedules)
  • Transfer Matrix (what transfers TO ECU)
  • Courses Required for entrance to OU Medical Physics MS Program
  • Pre-Engineering Program
  • Pre-Engineering 2 yr Course Plan

  •      Physics Student Organizations-GET INVOLVED
    Society of Physics Students (nationally recognized as outstanding)       
    The NUCLEUS-Student website has REU listing and search
    ECU Sigma Pi Sigma
    ECU Astronomy Club (Contains ASTRONOMY VIEWING SCHEDULE)
    ECU NSTA Student Chapter
    Oklahoma Academy of Science
    American Association of Physics Teachers
    American Association of Physicists in Medicine
    American Indian Science & Engineering Society
    Association for Women in Science
    Mentor Net (free for SPS members)
    American Physical Society
    Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans
    Scholarships...Financial Assistance
                                                   Mackin2006 winners
                                                                    2006 Brown Mackin Scholarship Winners:  (Back row L-Rt) John Linton, Anthony DiMambro, Erik Gonzales;
                                                                    Front Row (L-Rt) Zack Broderick, Brad Madron, Sabina Koukourinkova, Chloe Price and Dr. Carl Rutledge.

    Awards 08
                                                     All 2008 Physics Awardees. 
                                                    Dr Rutledge, Dr Williams, Heath Quiet ( Brown Mackin (BM)), Kristen Thompson (BM, Top Fresh),
                                    Jessica Ferguson (BM, Top Fresh), Morgan Sennett (Top Freshmen), Caleb Wingo (Smith memorial), Darrin Foster (BM)

         History of ECU Physics:  102 years and going strong


           Historical Physics Faculty Bio's:   Mr. Brown L. Mackin,  Dr. John Bulman
    Photos of  Pre-1980 Grads,  1982-1997, 1997-2009 Physics Graduates
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